Holiday Club:

The holiday club offers a range of fun games, experiments, cooking, arts and crafts, sporting activities for all primary school attending children (5-11 years).  The holiday club takes into account the children's interests in order to offer a fun filled time for all.

We have a range of indoor and outdoor spaces to explore and are lucky enough to get to play at Planet Kaos Playcentre during the holiday club sessions. We offer flexible hours between 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Pop in or give us a call to find out when our next holiday club is on.

Saturday Opening:

Do you need childcare on a Saturday? We offer a range of fun games, arts and crafts, daily activities and a range of exercise for children aged 2 to 4 years. We are open 9am to 3pm. Sessions must be booked and paid for before 5pm on Thursday. It's just £5.00 an hour (minimum of two hour sessions) so get booked in now. Limited spaces available.



The preschool offers swimming lessons at our local DW Fitness First Centre. The children learn how to swim safely and earn their badges as their confidence and ability flourish. The children learn how to become independent by getting dressed these skills will help them on their journey to being school ready. There are limited spaces available so make sure you get your name on the list for such a great opportunity.

Dance Class:

During the term we offer dance class sessions for the children in the 2-3’s room. Racheal from GO me! Runs these sessions for half an hour. The children enjoy singing, learning dance routines and using a range of objects to help express and explore the songs.


Petite Acting:

Does your preschool child love to use their imagination? Do they go on a range of adventures? Book into the Petite Acting classes on a Friday afternoon. It offers the children the ability to explore their love of acting and music through actions, songs, puppets, and basic drama skills. Watch their confidence grown as they attend the fun friendly sessions.


At Planet Kaos Nursery and Preschool we track the children's learning and development using online learning journeys. Tapestry allows you to see photos, videos and written observations of what your child has been up to. You are also able to share pictures and photos here with us. Speak to one of the team and they will get you signed up so you are able to access your child’s account.


Exploring Our Local Environment:

The practitioners enhance the children's learning by taking them out and about in the local community. Each room offers a range of different opportunities so keep your eyes open you may just spot us on one of our adventures.

The under two’s regularly visit the library where the practitioners share their love of books with the children. Sharing stories from an early age promotes language skills. Your never too young to get snuggled down and listen to a range of stories!

The 2-3 year olds and their Practitioners get there walking reigns on and off they go to explore the world outside of the nursery. They get on the local transport and attend workshops at Park rangers where the children learn about the natural world. They come back with a range of experiences to share with their friends. Some days they visit the local shops with a shopping list under their arm to go and find new resources for their room.

No matter what the weather the Preschool children get themselves ready in weather appropriate clothing and explore the local environment. They enjoy going on number and letter hunts in the shops making sure to point them out to each other. They may be buying the ingredients that they need for their latest recipe that they are going to make or just maybe they have popped over to the toy shop as their current interest has meant that they need some new resources!