Our Different Rooms

Our aim is that “one day all children from all backgrounds will be able to access, education and their community with confidence, excellent social and communication skills, with an eagerness to learn.”
K. Howard
Under 2’s

From the day your child starts at Planet Kaos Nursery and Preschool we will support them in learning how to become confident individuals who feel safe and secure in the environment we provide. From your child’s first taster session the children develop strong bonds with their key workers.

While your getting to know us and your child is having their taster sessions the staff will meet with you to find out what your child’s needs and routine is in order to make the transition from home to nursery an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

We offer a range of activities and experiences for all under twos. the children to enjoy daily. From exploring sensory materials such as paint, shaving foam, sand to fitting the shapes into the shape sorters or learning how to walk we are there to help your child every step of the way.

nursery toys and books
child reading a book
under 2's room table and chairs
under 2's room toys
under 2's play room
2-3’s room

Being two is such a busy age to be and with so much to learn and develop it can be a very busy day. Here at Planet Kaos Nursery and Preschool we help our children to become independent, eager learners through a range of activities and new challenges. We follow a daily routine which helps the children to learn how to follow a routine and talk about what we are going to do next.

The children are known as ‘Jolly Rockets’ in our two to three’s room and are given a key worker who plans for their key children. We also share observations on our online learning journey Tapestry.

We have circle time twice a day sharing stories, singing the hello song, learning to count, sharing our own experiences with our friends… the list goes on! Learning to communicate and develop our communication skills is key to your child’s development and we adapt the learning to support each individual.

We offer a range of activities, from getting messy, painting and sticky, to exploring the water, cooking some yummy treats, role playing in their own home corner and much more. Building towers where we count and knock them down! We have tablets and interactive white boards on offer to explore how technology works. There is so much to do and we regularly change what we have out in our areas to reflect the children's current learning.

The weather can’t stop us as there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing so make sure you bring your wellies, hats, gloves, coat, sun cream and sun hats and let’s get exploring outside. We may be going out and exploring the local environment, practicing our climbing or pretending to be builders in the garden. There’s so much to see and do outside.

From the day your child starts in the two to three’s room we will help to develop your child’s independence in the bathrooms. From talking about them needing their nappy changing to sitting on the potty at nappy changes and later when you and your child are ready taking that next big step to become toilet trained.

It’s a busy day in this room and if your child needs a power nap to carry on going don’t worry, we can get the blankets out, snuggle down and have a rest in order to carry on with our learning. Pop in and visit our two to three’s room to see them busy at work.

2 to 3 room
2 to 3 room overview
play table
children and play igloo

From your child’s first day in the preschool we work with your child to become ready for their big adventure of going to school. Being school ready is extremely important to us all at Planet Kaos Nursery and Preschool. On our journey to becoming school ready we offer a wide range of resources, activities and experiences. By having a structured daily routine and an exciting environment we will support your child’s learning in all areas of the early year’s curriculum. 

All our preschool children are referred to as ‘Happy Snappers’. Becoming a Happy Snapper is a very big moment in your child’s education and the preschool children are proud to be known as the Happy Snappers.

We introduce numbers, letters and a range of words through interaction with both our new found friends and the key workers. This helps to develop your child’s communication and social skills. With support from your child’s key worker we encourage them to make their own independent decisions, share their opinions and talk about the world that we live in.

Each Happy Snapper has their own online learning journal. As a parent you are welcome to request access to the online learning journal.  If you choose to do this then you will be able to send and share pictures, videos and information on there. This is a great way for the children to share their own experiences and the sense of pride that you see on their faces when the key workers talk about it with them is worth the few minutes it may take to pop them on.

We offer a range of experience throughout the day from adult lead activities, circle time, exploring the outdoors, cooking, dancing, yoga, dressing up, story’s … oh the list goes on and on!

We go outside, come rain or sunshine and explore the resources we have on offer. The children enjoy jumping the puddles, collecting the water and if you're lucky maybe finding some snow!

We also offer a range of extracurricular activities including acting and swimming. For more information about these please look in the features list. But if you have any questions, just ask, a member of the team will be happy to help.

preschool roompre school room
preschool roompre school room
pre school roompre school room